content marketing for Aussie tradies
content marketing for Aussie tradies

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods that you can employ to increase the rankings of your tradie website in the search engines.

Google loves content on your website that is informative and relevant for potential customers using their search engine. In fact, they come up with the mantra "Content Is King". The strategy is that if you create engaging and well written content for your website, Google will reward you by ranking your website highly in their search engine.

However, creating quality content for your website takes time. Tradies often report to us that time is the one thing that they don't have. This is where TradieStudio can help. If your'e just starting out with your tradie website, we can create the content for your entire website (Home page, Products, Services, About Us, etc). For existing tradie websites, we can extend on your current content base and create a series of new and engaging website articles.

TradieStudio will work closely with your business to develop a comprehensive Content Marketing Plan. This involves defining your content marketing budget, as well as business topics to write about, and how frequently they should be written and posted to your website.

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